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Hotties that can Handle the Heat

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

It’s summer in Florida.  That means the weather is in the 90 + degree range.  Add some of our humidity, and it feels like over 100 + degrees!

If your house is on the market this time of year, you definitely need to be aware of the weather. For us Floridians this means the grass needs to be watered and mowed regularly; we need to take care of weeds that tend to grow everywhere; and if we want to put out some flowering plants, we need to pick the ones that can handle this heat.

Thanks to the knowledgeable people at my local landscape nursery, I found 3 beauties that thrive in this weather.

Angelonias           Marigolds                Periwinkles

Angelonias           Marigolds           Periwinkles

All three of these flowering beauties like full sun, can bear this heat and just need to be watered every 2-3 days.

Cold Weather Beauties

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

If you are looking for the right flowering plants this winter to spruce up your yard for showings, I have a couple of suggestions. Actually, I have three of them.

Pleasing Petunias 

GeraniumsGreat Geraniums

Perfect for Planting Pansies

All of these flowering plants do better in the cooler weather. As long as the temperatures stay above freezing, they are good to go.  But a couple of hours below 32 F won’t hurt them. Oh, and they like sun too.

So show off your winter colors. They will create great property appeal!

5 Extras That Buyers Love

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Want to add some “wow” next time your house is shown? Here are a few ideas that buyers love!

  1. Water Features – For those of you who have a pool with a water feature, it is nice to have it running while your house is being shown.  This applies to fountains too!
  2. Fresh Flowers – It doesn’t have to be fancy. Even a simple bowl of water with fresh cut magnolias from your backyard can do the trick. It adds freshness and a draw to a room. And if the flowers have a nice scent, BONUS!
  3. Music – If you have a sound system with speakers in various rooms throughout your home or have outdoor speakers for your patio area, have them playing. Just go light and soothing on the music.
  4. Good Aroma – It is not always easy to do this for a showing. But if you are planning to have an open house, this one is a nice idea. Bake something as simple as a pie or bread or anything else that has a good fragrance. It has a two fold benefit – a great addition to your next meal for you and a wonderful aroma for perspective buyers coming in to see your house.
  5. Speciality Item – Think of anything that is special to your home that you’ve added as an upgrade. It can be the sliding glass doors that open all the way into your wall; or you have a remote control for your gas fireplace; or perhaps you have a retractable movie screen. First, make sure your feature works properly. Second, demonstrate for your agent how it works.