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The Negotiables!

Friday, July 17th, 2015

When you’re in a real estate transaction, there are a few common items that people tend to get upset about because no one made it clear whether they are staying with the house or going with you. So before you have any showings decide which are going and which are staying.

  1. Washer (Note if it stays.)
  2. Dryer (Ditto.)
  3. Movie Theatre Equipment ( List what you are doing with all the parts including the screen, the projector, the sound equipment, etc.)
  4. Shelving (I tell my sellers to tell me which ones go because they typically stay with the house.)
  5. Cabinets (If attached or built-in, it stays. But unattached, clarify which way it goes.)
  6. Draperies (If you have a set that matches your comforter, make sure you say it goes with you and the comforter!)
  7. Stereo Equipment (Again, list all the parts and what’s happening with them.)
  8. Speakers (List the ones that are going, otherwise people think they stay.)
  9. Lawn Accessories (Don’t be surprised if the buyer asks for your garden statutes, planted pots and Adirondack chairs.)
  10. Fixtures (Whether it be lights, bathroom mirrors or anything else you are partial to, these are better if you replace them before you show your home. Buyers tend to like the picture they see in front of them.)

Top 20 Tools

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Want to know what you need to keep your property showing well while it’s on the market? Here’s my list of the best tools to have on hand:

Pressure Washer
Hedge Trimmers
Trash Cans