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Showstopper Smudges!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

We all have a cabinet or closet that we open more than the others. Whether it’s opening the pantry or getting the plates, noticeable dirt builds up over time.

This is an easy one to miss. But get a perspective buyer in your kitchen and they’ll find the popular spots just like this one…

Easy fix for this problem – Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser Sponge is one of my favorites; but always check to make sure it can work on the surface you are cleaning.

Blow It Off!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013


It’s amazing how just 1 thing can make such a HUGE difference!


No air blower? An outdoor broom can do the trick too!

Have Windows that Say Wow, not Whoa!

Monday, January 21st, 2013

It’s important to take a look, inside and out, to see what your buyers are seeing. Here are a list of show stoppers when it comes to looking in or out of your windows.

filmonwindow11. Cobwebs/Bug Nests. Don’t let any type of bug take up residence here!

2. Dust/Tree Debris. Whether it is pollen or anything else of nature, wipe it off.

3. Fingerprints. This includes your sliding glass doors too.

4. Discoloring. Regardless of whether it is mold or a broken seal, address it.

5. Cracks. Time to get it replaced.

6. Drool/Slobber. This is a BIG turn off for buyers.

7. Torn/Missing Screens. Get them fixed or replaced as needed. Taping them up doesn’t count!

8. Water Stains. It would be good to know what caused it so it’s not a repeat cleanup.

9. Decals/Stickers. They’re fun for the holidays. But let’s make sure they are taken down afterwards. Any other stickers should be removed too.

10. Broken Hardware. Laying the broken lock or handle on the window sill says you know it’s broken!

Cobwebs and Brooms

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

When most people hear those two words together they think of fun Halloween decorations. But when it comes to home housekeeping, brooms and cobwebs are very real factors. The good thing is that one takes care of the other.

Over time it’s commonplace for cobwebs and other debris to accumulate outside your doors, windows and eaves making them a fright to see.

cw1-rev cw2-rev cw4-rev

But a good wipe down with a broom can do the trick and make your entrance a treat for both you and your buyers.

20 Things That Should NOT be on Your Floors at Your Next Showing

Saturday, September 1st, 2012
  1. Toys. It doesn’t matter if it belongs to you or your kids.
  2. Carpet Stains. It’s worth it to see if the stains will come out.
  3. Food. Half eaten is that much worse.
  4. Dust Balls. Given enough time dust starts accumulating along your walls.
  5. Animal Poop. For most buyers, there is little recovery from this gross factor here.
  6. Clothing. No one knows if it is clean or dirty. However, everyone assumes it’s dirty.
  7. Drinks. Whether it is a can of soda or coffee from this morning, it never looks good.
  8. Tech Gadgets. Computer, ipods, phones. Accidentally step on one of these and it’s a big loss.
  9. Diapers. Dirty or clean, the floor is no place for them!
  10. Shoes. There is a reason for closets. (more…)