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Do They Add to or Subtract from the Room?

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

We are talking about window treatments – curtains, valances, blinds and anything else that is used to decorate a window. This item can either truly uplift a room when done right or be such a negative distraction that the buyer greatly discounts what the room has to offer.

Here’s my top 5 examples of window treatments that subtract and the fixes to make them become an addition.

  1. Blinds that are broken or have a number of bent, damagedĀ  or missing parts- Repair, replace or remove the blinds altogether is the answer here.
  2. Valances that have matching wallpaper borders – Pick one to stay up.
  3. Dirty curtains or dust laden blinds – Clean please.
  4. Old or outdated curtains – Remove. Replace, if needed.
  5. Closed curtains or blinds – No one can see in the dark…Open!

Open Sesame!

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Blinds should be open or up altogether for showings. Most people like light.

As for drapes, if you have an old house and they’ve been there for decades, remove them. Otherwise, keep them as open and clean as possible.

-excerpt from Show Well, Sell Well Book