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The Space Where Few Go

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Check what is up in your attic. Some things up there are for your eyes only. Just know ALL of it must go!

I have seen homes with all sorts of things in the attic. One had a concrete bumper, one had an abandoned oil tank and one had some very personal photos. You just never know!

-excerpt from Show Well, Sell Well

5 Places People Peek

Sunday, January 6th, 2013
  1. Your Shower/Tub. Regardless of whether you have a clear plastic door, a colorful shower curtain or nothing at all, people will open it up, pull it back or step in to take a look.
  2. Your Cabinets. People want to see the space they offer. How many shelves do they have? What are they made of? How deep are they?
  3. Your Drawers. More than for the space they offer, people want to know how they work. Do your drawers open and close easily? Do they have a soft close feature? Do they have any built-in organizers?
  4. Your Closets. This is a big one for prospective buyers. Closets = storage for most people.
  5. Your Attic. Go up and look to see the condition of your attic as well as what is up there before putting your house on the market. Your stored items have to go so better to know!