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Fresh Air?

Saturday, June 29th, 2019

Here’s a brand new AC air filter.

new airfilter

Here’s one after a month of use.


Here’s one that has been in for 3 months.


See a difference?

It is important to change out your AC filters regularly. Its about a $10-$20/month investment that is definitely worth making. Better yet, get your AC system serviced and cleaned at least a once a year in addition to monthly filter changes and you’ll be breathing even easier!

Make Them All the Same!

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

When it comes to recessed lighting in your home,

it is best if you have the same bulb type and wattage in each.

The light in the room will be more balanced for it!

If you can’t replace all of them immediately,

focus on your main living areas first, then the bedrooms.

Open Sesame!

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Blinds should be open or up altogether for showings. Most people like light.

As for drapes, if you have an old house and they’ve been there for decades, remove them. Otherwise, keep them as open and clean as possible.

-excerpt from Show Well, Sell Well Book

Don’t Have Drafty Ducts

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Next time you have your AC serviced, make sure they check your ducts too.

You don’t want to be cooling your attic or allowing anything other than air in them!

Make Sure They Are All On … And Working!

Monday, June 10th, 2013

The other day my housekeeper asked if I wanted her to replace the burned out bulb in the bathroom. “It’s out?” I asked. And as I walked into the room, sure enough one of the three bulbs was not lit. I didn’t even notice it.

But when your house is on the market, it’s important not only to know if your lights are burned out, but to get them replaced too! Lights do a lot for a prospective buyer. They offer a better ability to see a room; they enhanced the feel of a room; and most of all, they provide greater comfort to buyers when they see that they’re all working.

So look inside and out to see if you have any of these culprits dimming your next showing:
lights1 lights2 lights3

Check Your Temperature!

Friday, May 24th, 2013

heatWhat’s happening outside shouldn’t affect what’s happening inside when you have a house showing. Whether you are battling the heat of summer or the frigid temperatures of winter it’s important that you adjust your thermostat accordingly. Being in your home should be a pleasant experience for perspective buyers. This doesn’t mean that you have the keep the house warmer or cooler all day, just for couple of hours, if that.

Case in point …
I was showing a house to a family. The house showed  beautifully with one exception; it was too warm in the house. One of the buyers even commented to me at the beginning of the showing that it was a bit warm. I checked the thermostat and it was set at 79 degrees. It was bearable until everyone came in from outside. When the buyers came back in from looking at the pool and other outside amenities, they were dripping in sweat and desperately searching for an air vent to get some cool air. Not getting much relief, it was only few minutes after that the buyers were ready to leave for the next house. They were so happy when we got in the car and could have lots of cold air blowing on them.


Good Scents!

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

This is one that most of us miss.  It’s how our homes smell. That is because it’s very easy to get accustomed to the smell of a place when you are living there.  However, when someone comes in for the first time they are much keener on the home’s scent. And if there is a funky odor or a strong smell in the house, there’s a fair probability the prospective buyer is thinking… “does this smell stay with the house?”

For this one, ask family, friends or your real estate agent for an honest assessment. Their candid comments could fix an issue unbeknownst to you!

Here’s a good list of things to keep prospective buyers off the scent:

1.  Replace it. Has the family room rug had its share of accidental spills, muddy shoes, and Fido?  A new one will look and smell so much better!

2.  Professional Cleaning. If the odor is coming from your carpet or couch, either rent a cleaner at a local hardware store or call in a professional cleaning service.

3. Wash it.  This is a good one for bed linens, drapes and throw rugs. I promise you there is such a thing as “bad sheet smell”!

4. Spray Away. For a quick freshener, this can do the trick.

5.  Fresh air. Got a nice day with a cool breeze?  This is a perfect opportunity to air out your house.

6. Light it up. Candles are my all time favorite room enhancers.  They give off a nice fragrant and go with any décor.

7. Make it last. Plug-ins and table top room fresheners are typically nice enhancers to any room, just don’t too strong.

8. Soak it up. Odor absorbers are another great option. This is the better option if you have a strong smell in the house, like smoke or something similar. Otherwise, you are just adding another smell to a bad one… never a good combination!

9.  Nature’s fragrance. I had a client that had a Camellia bush in her yard.  Whenever it bloomed she would put some of the flowers in a bowl of water…pretty and pleasant!

10. Remove it. Whether it is old food or old socks, get rid of what reeks!


20 Things that Should NOT be at your Front Entrance for Showings

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Here’s a list of everyday things that distract or concern prospective buyers as they are coming to your front door.

  1. Any newspaper/phone book. If they are wet, it’s even more important that they are gone.
  2. Anything with wheels. This includes skateboards, roller skates/blades, scooters and bikes, etc.
  3. Tree Debris. Leaves, branches, etc.
  4. Old or overwhelming decorations. 2 weeks past the holiday is a good rule thumb to know it must come down.
  5. Dead plants. If it is brown, move it to another location where it can come back or let it go.
  6. Shoes/Clothing. If you keep your shoes near any door, have a bin for them.
  7. Your pet. If your dog is barking and scratching at the front door, this puts everyone on edge coming into your house.
  8. Broken light fixtures. Look at your fixtures. Make sure the bulbs are working, that there is no broken glass and they are not rusting or barely hanging on.
  9. Toys. None of them should be remotely close to this area.
  10. Dirty Glass. When is the last time you cleaned your front door glass? (more…)