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5 Best to Be Not Found!

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

When preparing for your next showing or open house, I would recommend making sure you have the these things where only you can find them!

  1. Medications
  2. Electronics – as much as possible
  3. Bills and Personal/Financial information
  4. Valuables – Money, Jewelry, etc.
  5. Any type of weapon

I have a conversation with every seller about how best to handle these very personal items.

Unlock to Allow the Look

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Buyers want to see it all.  If there is a particular reason for a something being locked, explain why before the showing. Otherwise, make sure there is access to it.

Among the items that that are common key requests…

1. Sheds
2. Closets
3. Cabinets
4. Garages
5. Fences

Don’t have buyers miss out on something great because they couldn’t get to it.

5 Great Space Creators

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Here are my top 5 great things to do to create better space in a room for your next showing:

  1. Furniture. Relocate or remove it if it is preventing a prospective buyer from seeing a great feature or obstructing a pathway.
  2. Cabinets and Shelving. Creating space to tuck away items, especially in small spaces (i.e. laundry rooms) is immensely helpful!
  3. Bins, Baskets or Boxes. Any of these help with organizing your children’s toys or anything else that can take over a room.
  4. Rugs. They can help with seeing the room size better… plus give a nice pop of color!
  5. Lights. Go bright and the space seems bigger. Having a dimly lit room can make the same space seems smaller.

Do They Add to or Subtract from the Room?

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

We are talking about window treatments – curtains, valances, blinds and anything else that is used to decorate a window. This item can either truly uplift a room when done right or be such a negative distraction that the buyer greatly discounts what the room has to offer.

Here’s my top 5 examples of window treatments that subtract and the fixes to make them become an addition.

  1. Blinds that are broken or have a number of bent, damaged  or missing parts- Repair, replace or remove the blinds altogether is the answer here.
  2. Valances that have matching wallpaper borders – Pick one to stay up.
  3. Dirty curtains or dust laden blinds – Clean please.
  4. Old or outdated curtains – Remove.  Replace, if needed.
  5. Closed curtains or blinds – No one can see in the dark…Open!

5 Things That Cost Less Than $5…

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

And can improve the look or condition of your home…

1. Shower liner – It is very common for mold to collect over time on your shower liner.

2. Air filter – Replace or clean once a month and your AC will be running well for doing so.

3. Caulk – This product does wonders for so many areas.

4. Light Bulbs – Have working light bulbs in your electrical fixtures and then turn them on for a showing.

5. Mulch – This another great purchase…Mulch does wonders for improving the look of flower beds, children’s play areas and bushes.

5 Ways to Get Your House Clean!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

1. Hire someone or a service to come in for regular visits. Can’t afford that? Hire them to come in for a one time clean and then maintain that clean.

2. Ask help from a family member/friend. For those of you that have family or friends close by and know they have a knack for cleaning, this could be a great gift to ask for.

3. Barter with a friend/family member. When I was writing my book, I needed someone to read it objectively. So I asked a friend if she could do it in exchange for me helping her with something. She said sure. So one afternoon as she sat reading my book as I helped her organize her children’s bedrooms. It was the perfect exchange!

4. Offer an additional allowance incentive to your children. Ask your children if they want to make some additional allowance. Most kids love the opportunity to make some money. Just make sure the jobs are age appropriate.

5. Do it yourself! This is the cheapest and best approach for having it done your way. But hate to clean? Overwhelmed? Then do at least 1 thing on your cleaning list a day. That way you don’t feel overwhelmed and you are not spending a lot of time doing something you don’t want to do. You will notice a difference in no time at all!

Water Works?

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

It is rare that some sprinkler system issue doesn’t come up at an inspection.  Here are 5 common ones:

  1. Watering the house
  2. Broken sprinkler head
  3. Weak water pressure
  4. Buried sprinkler head
  5. Panel not working

It is so important to turn your sprinkler system on manually and inspect it a couple times a year.

(non)Obivious Odor Offenders

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

When selling your home you have to really pay attention to so much more.  Part of that includes things that can cause offending odors in your home that you may not be aware of. Here are my top 5 that are worth paying extra attention to.

1. Your bed sheets.  Believe it of not, there is such a thing as dirty sheet smell. And it is not a good one! Remember to clean your sheets regularly.

2. Your disposal. It’s not uncommon for us to put food down a sink because we know we have a garbage disposal. But if you don’t run it, the food is just sitting there. Old meat smell is the worst!

3. Your clothes. Whether it is your clothes or your children’s, pay attention to where the dirty ones are. Buyers typically will leave the room rather than walk by those clothes.

4. Your shoes. And to repeat # 3 above, this includes these too.

5. Your cooking. Be aware when your showings are scheduled. I promise you you can smell fried fish and steamed broccoli the next day. And FYI – neither are pleasant.

One Day Wonders

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

If you had a day to do one thing to significantly improve the look of your property what would it be? Not sure. No worries, I actually have 5 things for you. Each of these take about a day to get done and will give your property a noticeable “WOW!” factor.

1. Paint. Got a room that the color is too overwhelming, too dark or has too many wall marks to be removed? Don’t delay, paint away!

2. Yard. Walk around your property and address your yard. Mow the grass, edge the lawn, blow off the debris, lay down some mulch, plant flowers, rake the leaves, trim the hedges and the trees. Don’t ignore this chore!

3. Closets. It’s best if you can take it all out and only put back only what’s needed. You’ll be amazed by how much should go. This is definitely clean to be seen!

4. Windows. Most sellers don’t notice this one mostly because they don’t make a point to look at them. But someone buying your house is doing just that. So make the rounds and clean them inside and out, upstairs and down!

5. Pressure Washing. This is my favorite item because it creates such a great looking clean. Address it all – your patios areas, decking, steps, walkways and driveway. So whether you rent or purchase one, get it done!

5 Places People Peek

Sunday, January 6th, 2013
  1. Your Shower/Tub. Regardless of whether you have a clear plastic door, a colorful shower curtain or nothing at all, people will open it up, pull it back or step in to take a look.
  2. Your Cabinets. People want to see the space they offer.  How many shelves do they have? What are they made of? How deep are they?
  3. Your Drawers.  More than for the space they offer, people want to know how they work. Do your drawers open and close easily? Do they have a soft close feature? Do they have any built-in organizers?
  4. Your Closets. This is a big one for prospective buyers.  Closets = storage for most people.
  5. Your Attic. Go up and look to see the condition of your attic as well as what is up there before putting your house on the market.  Your stored items have to go so better to know!