5 Great Space Creators

Here are my top 5 great things to do to create better space in a room for your next showing:

  1. Furniture. Relocate or remove it if it is preventing a prospective buyer from seeing the fireplace or any other great feature in your home.
  2. Cabinets and Shelving. I just redid my laundry room and in the process took down cabinets and shelving that I never used. The space looks wonderfully cleaner and bigger!
  3. Bins, Baskets or Boxes. Any of these help with organizing your children’s toys or anything else that can take over a room.
  4. Rugs. They can help define a space and add good color to a room – all at the same time.
  5. Lights. Go bright and the space seems bigger. Having a dimly lit room and the same space seems smaller. Have no lights working and a buyer won’t even walk in the room!

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