20 Winning Wipe Downs

Below are some well-known places in your home that collect noticeable dust, dirt, fingerprints, food and other debris. Pick the right cleaner and/or cloth for the job and start wiping it down! Your home will show so much better for it!

Category 1 – GET WET!
For these items get out the sponges, paper towels, pre-soaked all cleaning wipes and any other cleaners suitable for the job.

  1. Glass Table Tops
  2. Sinks
  3. Window Sills
  4. Countertops
  5. Backsplashes
  6. Mirrors
  7. Tubs/Showers
  8. Refrigerators
  9. Stovetops
  10. Walls/Door trims

Category 2 – STAY DRY!
For these items it is best to stick with dry cloths, feather dusters. and any other good dust catchers!

  1. Furniture
  2. Ceilings Fans
  3. Staircase Banister
  4. Lamps/Shades
  5. TV/Stereo Equipment
  6. Blinds
  7. Silk Plants
  8. Decorations
  9. Pictures
  10. Workout Equipment

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