Mums – It’s Sometimes the Word…

… but always the plant for fall!

Amidst the the falling leaves, acorns and other debris that is cluttering your landscape, walkways and driveways in the fall, mums do a fantastic job of drawing good attention to your property. They offer a tremendous bloom of color and are the perfect plant for October and November in Florida.  With their popular yellow and orange color tones, it can put you in the mood for fall, whether or not the weather does.  The blooms last about 6 to 8 weeks and add a wonderful “pop” of color to an outdoor patio, a front entrance or a hard to grow spot in your yard.

DSC01838 mums tree2

So check with your local hardware store or nursery to find out what blooming beauty works in your climate this season.  It only takes a little bit of  color to go a long way in creating great appeal.

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